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Proven Alpha Generation through Research and Insight

Connective Capital Management, LLC is a Silicon Valley based, fundamentals and event-driven investment adviser seeking superior returns by investing globally in high growth sectors undergoing disruptive change. CCM’s Investment team has engineering background and firsthand experience in the technology industry, enabling key insights to company & market dynamics. We typically invest in small/mid-cap companies with significant growth prospects, or misunderstood challenges, before they get discovered by Wall Street and the market. Our proven alpha generation process has delivered attractive uncorrelated results since 2003.


We seek to deliver to our clients – institutional (fund-of-fund, pension, foundation, family office) and high net worth – a unique, uncorrelated return stream driven by our idiosyncratic fundamental/event-based, bottom-up industry analysis. Our fund’s low or negative correlation with equity markets and fund indices allow investors to improve returns and reduce the volatility of their portfolios, thereby maximizing the bottom line Sharpe ratio.

Investment Strategies

We specialize in finding & exploiting inefficiencies and disruptions in growth or/and regulatory policy-driven companies (mainly small/mid caps in technology, media, industrial, transportation, energy/utility and climate change-related industries) with extraordinary risk/reward characteristics. Our portfolios consists of a blend of long-term core positions, medium-term product or industry cycle investments, and short-term, opportunistic investments.

Our Edge

Our team’s deep technology industry operating experience and our vantage point in Silicon Valley provides unique insight and access into the global supply chain of new products and disruptive technologies. Our diverse cultural background and language skills allow us to read across global value chains to China and other emerging markets important elements to understand today’s global economy.