Financial / Quant Analyst

Financial / Quant Analyst (remote)

What’s exciting about this role

We are a small, diverse, horizontal organization where you will be exposed to complex global issues in a highly competitive sector. If you like demanding challenges, have the impulse to explore novel perspectives, the drive to lead, and the urge to transform we encourage you to apply. You will have the opportunity to work 100% remotely within a team of highly knowledgeable professionals across the globe.


Key skills

  • Strong Numerical skills and instincts
  • Strong Financial knowledge & instincts
  • Strong data science / analysis skills
  • Good software skills (python, SQL) a plus


  • Undergrad degree = Math, Engineering, Business
  • MBA a plus, but not needed
  • Experience at a investment fund, family office, real estate firm, management consulting or investment bank

Main responsibilities

Strategic and Transactional

  • Drive financial analysis and strategic initiatives for Connective Capital
  • Quantitative analysis of profitability & risk by CCM theme, thesis and event type
  • Drive financial analysis & operational due diligence for GP investments & Special situations.
  • Drive tax strategy for funds and GP, optimizing UG, RG, and deferrals
  • Drive creation of tax-sensitive product strategies – engineering appropriate partnership structures.

Manage, Analyze & Optimize Fund Operations

  • Commissions & trade cost analysis (TCA) & optimization
  • Optimize Box (long / short) positions
  • Optimize interest income & costs vs excess risk margin
  • Hard-to-Borrow costs management & optimization