Part-time Onsite Office Manager

Part-time Onsite Office Manager
Job Description

We are looking for a part-time onsite Office Manager for our office in Silicon Valley. Initially, the person will start working remotely and go to the office only once per week. This person will join a highly collaborative team and be a key liaison to the other internal functional areas within the firm.

Key Skills & Qualifications
  • Accountability & Conscientiousness: Systematically resolve open issues and ensure tasks are completed on timely manner
  • Proactive / Self-starter. independently seek & notice and solve important problems / tasks
  • Detail orientation: Tenacity with at-times boring problems
  • Accounting / Numerical Smarts: understanding of bookkeeping (cash flow vs income, etc)
  • Timely & accurate execution of core, periodic & project tasks
  • Creativity & Problem solving: fix bugs & non-trivial data problems.
  • Basic coding skills.  edit simple existing code (especially MySQL)
  • Assertive.  Assertiveness to push staff, including superiors, to accomplish important work timely
  • Clear communication, English skills
  • 2+ years of experience in as office manager & fund administration
Main Responsibilities
  • Office Manager tasks:
    • Daily check and handle inbound mail & email
    • Office management:
      • Keep physical office & facilities organized & clean (manage janitorial, landlord issues)
      • Supplies & repairs
    • Vendors, payments & financials
      • Leading interactions with vendors and providers
      • Expenses: paying vendors through Quickbooks
      • Yearly 1099
    • Assist  on IT Management, Access Control & Security
    • Assist on Compliance tasks
    • New hires onboarding for  FTE and for Consultants
    • Travel arrangements & Online meeting coordination
  • CEO assistance
    • Executive Assistance
    • Meeting scheduling
    • Manage & prioritize CEO´s inbox
    • Assist team on onsite events (Roadshows)
    • Manage large personal cash flows / account balances
What we offer
  • Part-time position (around 20hs)
  • Positive work environment
  • Competitive compensation


There is much more to share, so if you feel excited after reading the above, please email your resume and a brief cover letter to