Backoffice Analyst, Fund Administrator & Financial Controller

Backoffice Analyst, Fund Administrator & Financial Controller
Skills Required
  • Strong Understanding of fund & accounting concepts
    • Cash Flow vs Income statement
    • Trade vs settle data
    • Unrealized vs Realized Gain, Cost Basis
    • Option accounting
    • Explain how high water mark works
    • Mapping and resolving security identifier mismatches (warrants
    • Describe difference between CUSIP, SEDOL, BBGID (advantages & disadvantages)
    • Difference between gross and net return
  • Technical Skills
    • SQL:  ability to construct joins (inner, outer)
    • Excel with Pivot tables
    • Python debugging (test will be provided)
Personality attributes
  • Strong detail orientation
  • Good judgement on problem urgency
    • E.g. Timeliness & accuracy for investment & capital flows documentation
  • Availability during CCM market hours
Sample Tasks
  • Fund Administration
    • Reconciliation of internal, PB and admin data
    • Document Submission & Management
      • Transaction Participation & Account openings
      • Timeliness & accuracy
      • Investor subscription / redemption
  • Data Analyst & Manager
    • Monitor daily data extraction and upload to MySQL database (market data, fund data, etc)
    • Associated detailed management of internal CCM Data in MySQL.
    • Keeping CCM database table integrity & correctness
      • Tickers / trading / blotter history
      • Internal vs administrator ledger
    • Not heavy on programming but good with data semantics
  • Marketing Data Analysis
    • Monthly reports, Transform fund data for marketing purposes
  • Financial controller
    • Manage & Optimize flows of cash & securities into/out of funds


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